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WWBC Group provides extensive and customisable training solutions to companies from various industries worldwide. Since our establishment, we have become a renowned figure in the business information and intelligence industry.

We have had the privilege of working with large, multinational, and conglomerate companies – most of which belong to the FORTUNE 500. With this honor is our steadfast commitment to delivering the best training solutions globally.

Our Training Solutions

“Very well organised course. Our instructor is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from him. I would recommend him to conduct training to my colleagues”.

VP Plant, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

WWBC Group specializes in Professional Trainings that cater to executives of different seniority levels from companies all over the world. To create the most powerful and effective trainings, we invest an immense amount of our resources into preparing our programs. We do extensive research on various industries, coordinating with experts to learn about the latest news, issues, and trends affecting the market.

Having worked with several global companies and delivered positive results each time, we are proud to have earned accreditation from international institutions. WWBC Group has indeed become a name synonymous with credibility.

“This course gave our team an insight into their management styles and identify gaps for them to improve upon. The instructor was superb as he kept the attention span high for the entire course. All worth it!”

CEO, Vodafone

WWBC Group respects the fact that no two organizations are alike. We know that each company has its own strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Our In-House Customised Training solutions are created based on this understanding.

WWBC Group practices strict confidentiality in all our In-House Customised Training programs. We provide a safe and secure environment for delegates to express their issues and opinions. We ensure that all information gathered before, during, and after the training will be used for no other reason than to improve company processes.

“Simulation provided was very useful and practical understanding of how business strategy impacts financial performance”.

Head of Marketing, StarHub

Knowledge is power – especially in the case of a constantly evolving business landscape. To stay on top of competition, companies worldwide must make themselves aware of the game-changing information affecting their industry.

Our Industry Conferences have proven to be an effective common ground between our clients and the leading industry solution providers. It provides an excellent way of developing business and improving functions.

“For me as an Operations Manager for 14 countries, this was a good course that will help me in managing and analyzing operations”.

Operations Manager, Puma Energy, South Africa

WWBC Group goes beyond professional trainings and industry conferences. Over the years, we have been seeing the need for an on-going development program in the market – one that works closely with an organization’s key members and tracks their progress along the way.

Unlike trainings and conferences, this development program puts importance on the individual within the context of his working environment. All delegates will benefit from one-on-one mentorship, getting professional advice and personal guidelines.

“Great training! Very insightful and useful for both work and personal life”.

Sales Program and Development Head, Bank Ekonomi Raharja, Indonesia

Lead acquisition and closing sales are major parts of any business. WWBC Group offers a customized program for companies that would like to improve and manage their sales force. The Sales Training Academy provides training solutions that are carefully designed and developed according to a client’s specific sales concerns.

With a management team composed of field experts, WWBC Group offers this beneficial program that covers various sales related areas such as client relations, account management, and business development.

Creating more than 350 training events per year

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